Quora upvote extension

Quora upvote extension

If you’re on Quora since a while, you would have noticed some changes. Something like hiding the upvotes count and so forth. But, the point is, Can we actually bring that upvote count back?

Yes! you can by just installing a chrome extension. Here are the steps to it.

Download this file


If you open the Query folder,  you should have these :

  • content.js
  • manifest.json
  • jquery-3.2.1.min.js
  • image.png

Ok, now you’re good to be a Chrome developer!

  • Go to chrome://extensions and enable developer tools.
  • Click load unpacked extensions and select the Query folder you downloaded.
  • And you are good to go. Check by refreshing the Quora page.

Here are the pics….
Selecting the developer mode in chrome extensions..

  Selecting the load unpacked extensions

This is what you see after you successfully upload the folder

And now for the differences you notice after the extension.

Before installing.

After installing.



And voila! You just brought the Vintage upvote count button back!!!

This is it for this post. Hope you guys found it useful and do check my first post
Have a great day ahead!!


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