Success | Hard vs Easy

Success | Hard vs Easy

Here’s what I found out about the present generation and this is what I want them to aspire about. They actually tend to search for shortcuts to success and if at all they fail to find those shortcuts, they just fall into the pool of depression! That’s actually ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, I would like to cite a decent speech which was going on in my mind.

Many take a move and after hitting an obstacle, they end their journey! Here’s what it looks like.

Hard vs Easy

With that being said, here’s what it looks like for people who always shun the hard path.

And this is what I confess…

Everybody wants the prize but nobody wants to pay the price!
Right? Everybody wants the damn prize but no ones willing to pay the price!
Well, Nobody is willing to 
put in the work!
Nobody is willing to 
Nobody is willing to … just eat their shit, you know?
To make it happen…
Everybody is expecting it to be easy!
I was just giving a talk the other day at my college and someone said,
“Well, why would I choose that way? 
That’s much harder!
“That way is a lot harder. Why would I choose that direction?”
And man I was like, “Man, why are we talking about 
hard versus easy? Nobody said this was gonna be easy!”
Actually, we don’t want it to be easy!
If it was 
easy, then everyone would be doing it. Right?
If it wasn’t 
difficult, then everyone would be doing it!
Every person would be an 
Everybody would be a billionaire!
Everybody would be a 
successful athlete, or an artist, or businessman, or salesperson, or scientist!

Success depends on your positivity!

Everyone would be doing it. Right?
It’s not at all assumed to be a cakewalk!
You shouldn’t want it to be easy!
Yet, if you have a 
dream, if you have a mission, if you have a passion, this shit is not at all gonna be easy!
Easy shouldn’t even be in the conversation or in your vocabulary!
This is hell yes supposed to be 
And you should want it to be 
hard because then no one can replicate what you create!
Anything’s of 
value and of meaning is not at all gonna be that easy!
And yes, that’s how it’s supposed to be!

Quote time!

And that was what running through my mind all the week. I somehow got it on paper from my thoughts and read to myself and found it really helpful! Sometimes, we ourselves get flabbergasted by the work we do, just like the coders think.

Hardwork beats Harvard!

More on it to be published soon. Peek-a-boo at my profile here
Have a great day!

17 thoughts on “Success | Hard vs Easy

  1. Totally agree with this. If you’re motivated and positive success will happen, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!

  2. I feel nothing comes easy and if anything does come easy it is because of luck. Hard work is required no matter what and where you are.

  3. I totally agree on you that success depends on your positivity. Also being successful is never easy, you need to keep going. Even if you fall down, you need to get back up, and be rolling!

  4. Its true, those who take the easy way out will ultimately not be rewarded for their efforts. Good things comes to those who wait for sure x

  5. Yes , most successful people only get where they are by not being afraid of hard work. Not being afraid of hard work and failure are two key components for success. I think blogging can be put into this category. Its not easy and you have to persevere even when it looks like you should give up……….Don’t keep going……….,

  6. See. I think EVERYONE should spend just a minute or two reading positivity posts a day. Stuff like this is just so uplifting and hopeful. Which we could obviously use just a little more of in this world…

  7. If you really do want to be a success you do have to put in the effort. I totally agree. And very few people are willing to put out that kind of effort.

  8. I can relate on all you write! I think the last 3 generations has been aspiring to easy success and richness and money. We long to be like our fav instagrammers, young and successful without considering how hard being successful is and even misunderstanding what success truly is. I think the one way to be truly successful is enjoying also the hard times (if you love what you do, you don’t care) and forgetting most of the negativity you left behind

  9. As it said no pain no gain. If you desire to be successful in life we must make such a great effort. Surerly we would fail but don’t give up . Edison had tried many times to be work had play good!

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