Words Blaze A Trail

Words Blaze A Trail

When was the last time you seriously thought about the words you use each and everyday? How carefully do you select them? Ever thought that your words blaze a trail? We’ll be going to discuss about how your own words have an impact over you in this post.

Quote time!

Now, you might be thinking, “Raiyyan, why all this fuss about words? What’s the big deal?” The answer is simple. Your words have incredible power! They can build a bright future, destroy opportunity or help maintain the status quo. Your words reinforce your beliefs … and your beliefs create your reality. Think of this process as a row of dominos that looks like this:


How It Works

And here’s how it works. Mark has a THOUGHT, such as “I’m not very good when it comes to studies.” Now, let’s remember that he doesn’t have this thought only once. Oh, no, He’s run it through his mind on a regular basis, maybe hundreds or thousands of times in his life! Then, Mark starts to use WORDS that support this thought. he says to his friends and colleagues, “I’m never going to do very well in studies” or “I hate making notes or approaching prospects.” Here again, Mark repeats these phrases over and over… in his self-talk and in his discussions with others.

This, in turn strengthens his BELIEFS — and it’s at this stage where the rubber really meets the road. You see, everything that you’ll achieve in your life flows from your beliefs. So, in our example, Mark develops the belief that he’s not going to be successful in studies and that he won’t get a good job. This becomes embedded in his subconscious mind.


What can possibly flow from that belief? Because Mark doesn’t believe in his potential, he takes very little ACTION, or he takes actions that are not at all productive. He doesn’t do the things that would be necessary to succeed in his studies.

And the, quite predictably, Mark gets very poor RESULTS. To make matters even worse, Mark the starts to think more negatively… repeat more negative words… reinforce negative beliefs… and get even more negative results. You see? It’s a vicious cycle!

Of course, this whole process could have had a very happy ending if Mark had selected positive THOUGHTS… and fortified them with positive WORDS. In turn, he’d reinforce the BELIEF that he’s successful. As a result, Mark would take the ACTIONS consistent with that belief… and wind up with outstanding RESULTS!

My point is don’t underestimate the role of your WORDS in this process. People who feed themselves a steady diet of negative words are destined to have a negative perspective towards their life. It’s a simple matter of cause and effect. You can’t keep repeating negative words and expect to be a high achiever. And that’s because negative words will always lead to the underpinning of negative beliefs — and eventually to negative outcomes!

To Tell … Or Not To Tell

When I tell you about the importance of using positive language to move you toward your goals, you may be wondering, “Do I say these positive words to myself or do I also say these words to other people?” You may be afraid that if you tell others about your goals, they’ll think you’re being conceited — and they may even laugh at you.

Well, with the understanding that there are no “hard and fast” rules — and you should do what works best for you. To begin with, use positive self-talk as often as possible. In my view, the more blithe. After all, you’re talking to yourself, so you don’t have to worry about the others hearing your comments. The key is that you hear this positive input again and again … and it becomes deeply rooted in your subconscious mind.

Never do that!

Whether to share your goals with other people is much trickier issue. One thing  I’ve learned is this: Never discuss your goals with negative people. All they’ll do is argue and point out all the reasons why you won’t be successful! Who need that? Often, these “negative ones” are those who do little or nothing in their lives. They have no goals or dreams — and they don’t want anyone else to succeed.

Yet, there are some instances when you can benefit by telling others about your goals. First of all, make sure that you’re speaking with someone who’s extremely positive and totally supportive of your efforts. This should be the kind of person who woulds be absolutely delighted if you achieved this goal… and would do anything in his o her power to assist you. you may have a friend or colleague that fits this role — or certain family members. It is also important to share your goals with others who are working with you to achieve that outcome.

And lastly,


End of this part. Next one will be up soon… Stay tuned.

28 thoughts on “Words Blaze A Trail

  1. Blogger,confidence hoto tum jaisi …Don’t share ur goals with negative people 👌kya concept hai yaar .Keep inspiring #Blogger …Lucky to find u .

  2. It is very useful for us to develop our positive attitude and we want some more posts which a we want I think so u got what I want😊
    And thnku RAIYYAN

  3. However sharing our goals with negative people is bad idea but If our words has any power(as you said) will make them positive and make them inspired .Some times “Negative words” may useful to inspire(In a good way) others. However good post.

  4. This is such an inspiring and thoughtful post. I totally agree that positive people can actually be a huge catalyst in your journey towards your goal. Thanks for these thoughts! 🙂

  5. The words we usually say everyday is part of our thoughts and reflects to our action. Sometimes, with the wrongs words, it causes arguments. Those are the moments that I regret.

  6. I am very conscious about the words I speak every day, not only to others but to myself too. Negative self-talk is on of the worst things you can do to yourself. I write about how positive thinking and self love can simplify your life and change it for the better.

  7. It is important to keep positive if we want to succeed in accomplishing our goals. By saying encouragement words every morning, in the mirror, we boost our self confidence and it will make a difference to our day. We should aim to a positive life if we want to be successful.

  8. Words are power, and thoughts are even more powerful! It is so important to think about strong positive words to surround us everyday!

  9. Positive words and thoughts completely change the way you lead your life. Great post which reminded me once again of the strength of positive words.

  10. Positive thoughts and words brings positiveness in our lives. You are true that Telling about our goals to everyone is not a good idea but to people who understand our goals. Great advice on pursuing our postive goals.

  11. This is such an important post that everyone needs to read at least once. When I was younger I was severely bullied by my closest friends, their words still sting more than 10 years later; I went to an NLP practitioner for two years and she taught me the importance of the words we choose, the effect they have on others and the effect they have on ourselves.

  12. A very thought provoking post. I always try to be possitive and this will help for sure!

  13. It was a provocative read. Nicely written! I truly believe that words are more powerful than weapons and we need to choose our words wisely. I agree when you say that we need to think before sharing our goals or dreams with people. There are lot many people who try to drain you.

  14. There’s so much truth in this. In the spring, I stared paying attention to how many times I told my self the word “can’t” I never would have believed it, but it was a lot! Even the act of becoming conscious of it, was enough to start to change little actions throughout my day. x

  15. We definitely need to think about the positive things in life in order to accomplish anything. If you focus on the negative, you will eventually end up with the negative results that you wish for. As sad as that is.

  16. I’d never thought about how our words can affect outcomes before. It’s definitely true though, negative thinking and words really are so destructive.

  17. I find it super important to use positive words evry day and find positive things as well, not matter how small they might be. It’s too easy to think and say ‘i can’t do it’. We have a lot of power inside and can do what ever we want, it just need work.

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