Words Blaze a Trail | Continued

Words Blaze a Trail | Continued

In the previous post, we discussed about how the words we use everyday, have an impact on us. In this post, we’re going to discuss more comprehensively on how to develop positive attitude and pave your way towards success.

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A Closer Look At Your Words

So, let’s take a look at your life for a moment. Are there any areas where you’ve been using phrases like “I can’t”, “I’m not good at __________” and “It’s impossible”? We all know people who make statements like these :

  1. can’t read.
  2. I’m not good at singing.
  3. can’t remember name.
  4. It’s impossible for me to do that.

When you make these comments day in and say out for a brief period, you’re programming your mind for failure! It all comes back to your perspective. Every one of these examples reflects a negative attitude. And if you see the world through a smudged window, you’re going to use negative language … and get disappointing results.

Well, you can control your words — which means that you have the ability to build a positive belief system … and to produce the results you want. The first step is awareness. Let’s examine the phrases you’ve been using in four key areas of your life — relationships, finances, career and health.


Do you say things like “All the good men (or women) are taken!” or “People are always taking advantage of me!” If you do, you’re literally programming yourself for unhappy relationships. Your mind hears each and every word you speak and it sets put to prove you right. With regard to our above examples, your mind will see to it that you attract only those persons who will disappoint you or take advantage of you. Is that what you want? If not, stop repeating and causing your mind to focus on such negative thoughts!



What words do you use in a regular basis o describe your current financial situation and your prospects for the future? Phrases such as “I’m always in debt”, “The economy is lousy” or “No one is buying” work against you. Far better to choose language which reaffirms prosperity and better economic times. Of course, you won’t necessarily have abundant wealth within a few days after changing the way you speak/ But the physical conditions can change only after your beliefs have altered. Clearing up your language is an important first step!

After all, the people with wealth in this world didn’t get that way by moaning about being in poverty. And the people who always talk about a lack of money generally don’t accumulate much of it!


If I were to ask you about your career prospects over the next 4 to 5 years, how would you respond? Be honest. Would you say that things will probably remain the same as they are now? Or would you describe a higher position with more challenges, more responsibilities and financial rewards ? If you respond “I don’t know where I’m going in my career”, chances are not much will change. Your language reflects your lack of vision and direction. If, on the other hand, you have a clear goal which you can (and do) articulate fairly often — even if only to yourself — you stand an excellent chance of reaching that goal.

The same, of course, hold true if you have your business. Do you use language that is consistent with the growth of your business? Or do you constantly talk about how you’ll never get to the next level?


Without question, our words have a profound impact on our health. For example, imagine that a group of us sat down to what seemed to be a perfectly wholesome and delicious meal. Then, two hours later I called told you that every person who ate with us had been rushed to the hospital and treated for food poisoning! Suppose that you felt perfectly fine before I called. How would you react after hearing to that information?

Most likely, you’d clutch your stomach, get pale and feel very ill. Why? Because my words instilled a belief in you which, in turn, your body started acting upon. This same bodily reaction would have occurred even if I was playing a cruel joke and was lying about the whole situation! Your body responds to words, it hears you and other people say. That’s why it makes absolutely no sense to keep repeating that you have “chronic back pain that will never go away” or that you get “three or four bad colds every year.” By uttering these statements, you are actually instructing your body to manifest pain and disease!

You Have A Choice!

Well, have you thought about the words you use in these four areas of your life? When we repeat certain phrases over and over, it’s as if a “groove” is formed in our brain. We keep replaying the same old refrain in our head like a broken record. The trouble is, whenever you say these words you just deepen the groove, replaying the same old myths in your mind, strengthening the same old beliefs … and getting the same old results!

Recognize, however, that just because you’ve said things in the past there’s no reason to blindly continue doing so. While it takes some discipline and vigilance on your part to make changes in your language, it’s well worth the effort! So, from now on, consciously choose words that will point you in the direction of your goals. Ask a friend to remind you when you slip.

Remember, it’s totally up to you to speak in a way that will move you toward what you want in your life. Therefore, use words that are consistent with the path you truly wish to be on … take action along those line … and watch yourself begin to travel in that wonderful direction!

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  1. You actually brought up some very valid points. I have to be careful about the choice of words I am using as I am finding that sometimes I am guilty of not having enough self belief!

  2. This is a really thought provoking post. I completely agree that our words are in a way a command for our brains thinking, it thinks what we think. Thanks for sharing this post!

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