Harsh Truths About Quora

Harsh Truths About Quora

Here is one of my answers regarding some harsh truths about Quora.

Actually, my answer itself reflects a harsh truth, long answer, which is generally avoided by many. But for the ones who tend to read one, Welcome!

Fake Accounts:

As you guys know, any question that is related to latest competitive exam being posted garners many followers in no time because they are really curious to share their views and perspectives. You might be thinking what’s wrong with this.

Well, as you know, Kalpit Veerwal’s fake account gained popularity in no time. Well, counterpart is he has opened an account after that and he’s really helping everyone in all the ways he could.. The main stress here is Fake accounts!

Gender Bias?

Of course everyone has pointed out the fact that girls with alluring profile picture gets more followers even with zilch answers and the other way, guys with good number of helpful answers garner less followers!

The thing I’d like to say as a counterpart is, keep on writing good stuff and impart knowledge! Stop looking out for more and more followers!


The emphasis over here is also about the UPVOTE too! Each and every one of the reader over here comes across many flawless answers which sometimes makes their day, but they forget the fact that their one UPVOTE can allow that answer to reach many people. I mean who knows what a particular person is going through?
As i said, if that one answer turned your bad day into a good one, what impact could that have on that particular person? So, my suggestion is just pass a good answer so that it reaches each and everyone.

I’ve also read that many readers don’t even know that an option called Upvote exists. But yes, one answer can do miracles in one’s life if it is passed on…


And the other thing is, messages, especially when it comes to being a girl, I’m sure i don’t need to explain it cuz I’ve seen many answers spotting out those guys who actually don’t even deserve quora. I mean, this is not a matrimonial site! Not a facebook!! And not any kind of social networking platform! Have you read Quora’s motto? A place to share knowledge and better understand the world! Does this even link with anyone of your actions that reflect in the message section ? [ not everyone, please note it ].
Yes, any favor ? It’s totally fine, not everyone who texts you is that kind of guy! There are many cool guys over here!


Well, famous Quoran’s get hundreds of upvotes! Be it a straight-forward answer or a sarcastic one. On the counter-part, there’s a reason why they’re popular and they deserve it.

It’s little hard for a newbie Quoran to get used to Quora and it also depends on what he focuses on, be it upvotes or views, it takes time and don’t get disappointed!


And not many people care for the quality of the answers, like, many people over here are just onto this to pass the time and get entertained by the answers which provide more entertaining content than actual knowledge/information! of course, sometimes, these kind of answers get many upvotes!

Many Quorans in search of upvotes, just get onto plagiarism! Yo! your answer will be collapsed immediately if you do so! Never do that! Beware of Quora Moderation!

This is what you get through when you’re doing that!

Getting banned!

Heard of Geetanjali Sharma? She’s one of those victims. Quora’s algorithm and policies are really stupid. She was banned citing cases of harassment. Now people become jealous of popularity she gained and reported her for harassment and plagiarism, all baseless accusations. This resulted in edit ban which ultimately to a permanent ban.


Answers like these get unanimously neglected: Mohammed Raiyyan’s answer to What is something that needs to be said?

For every reader who has reached this far! You’ve climbed the Mt Everest in Quora!

Thanks for reading!
Great day ahead!